Each My Diamond Story ring can be presented to the bride with style, elegance and surprise. The Presentation Box has been carefully designed to emphasize each ring’s unique qualities and story. Wrapped with a Golden Ribbon, the Presentation Box highlights the engagement ring and its matching My Diamond Story certificate. The My Diamond Story experience has been designed to make the bride (and her groom) feel special and remember this unique experience forever.

  • My Diamond Story Ring Box

    The My Diamond Story Ring Box holds the very reason of My Diamond Story, which is the "My Diamond Story Ring"!!

    It is most definitely the most unique Ring Box that you would have come across, as it has a never seen before LCD Screen, in which you can capture your moment of Proposal, or even propose to your loved one with your video…all this simply by uploading your video and transferring it from your computer to the My Diamond Story Box with the help of the USB Cable and User Manual provided in the box itself.

    Your Proposal with the Unique My Diamond Story Box will be as much Unique and cherished forever.
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  • My Diamond Story Box

    The My Diamond Story Box is made of high-quality soft material and is beautifully wrapped with a Ribbon. The My Diamond Story Box holds the coveted Ring Box in which will nestle the dazzling My Diamond Story Ring.

    The Box is so thoughtfully made such that other than holding the Ring Box, it also has a compartment for holding the Certificate at the base. Once the Ring Box is pulled out from its position, beneath you will find a USB Cable and the My Diamond Story Manual.

    The Manual will guide you on how you can transfer your videos and music files with the help of the USB Cable from your Computer to the Ring Box, which will be displayed in the LCD Screen of the Box.

  • My Diamond Story Packaging

    Charm your loved one to the core with The My Diamond Story Ring Box! Beautifully packaged, the My Diamond Story will be something to treasure for a lifetime.

    The Package comprises of a Stylish Shopping Bag, which has a Charming Gift Box nicely wrapped with an appealing Golden Ribbon. The Gift Box holds the Ring Box which nestles the exquisite My Diamond Story Ring.

    Along with the Ring Box, there is also a GSI(Gemological Science International) Certificate which proves the authenticity of the Ring. There is also the My Diamond Story Certificate which will give a complete overview and information about the Ring,a Certificate Holder and a Flyer.